To give your home a facelift , there’s nothing like repainting the facade. But how do you choose the right exterior paint for walls and shutters? Here are some tips to help you choose the right color and apply it in the best way.

Exterior Painting: Colors And Their Effects

The trend in exterior painting is changing less quickly than that of interior colors. You don’t change your facade color every year, which is why most people opt for timeless colors and elegant tones . In addition, town planning rules do not allow all the follies.

After the trend of white or red houses, we now see more and more facades in natural colors , with doors and windows in dark tones . To help you choose, here are a few must-haves when it comes to exterior paint:

When choosing a paint, you must take into account the color of the roof and the facade cladding . All these elements must harmonize with each other.

The clearer windows than the front give the façade a sense of openness.
Darker frames give an impression of calm.

A facade and exterior carpentry in the same color give a very modern result .

Which Colors To Choose?

Needing help from Denton TX painters? Are you about to choose an exterior paint for your facade? You must first of all take into account the town planning rules in force in your municipality. Once you become aware of these, you can make up your mind. A word of advice: avoid too bright colors, and prefer neutral and timeless tones . The houses in colorful tones are pretty, but do not agree too much with our climate. Also avoid flash white , it may be dazzling in summer. And then, a white facade gets dirty very quickly. For a touch of freshness, opt for walls in natural tones and play with colors by painting, for example, your front door, patio, garden shed and fence with sparkling colors.

When To Paint An Exterior Element?

Finally, here are some tips on the ideal weather for painting outdoors :

The ideal is to paint an exterior wall, a door frame or by an ambient temperature of minimum 10 ° C .

After painting, better the paint down not below 5 ° C .

Paint after a dry period , so that the soil surface and subsoil are thoroughly dry.

When the air humidity is too high (rain or fog), the exterior paint dries poorly.

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