The preparation of the ground is the key step to ensure good application and durability of the paint. The floor needs to be cleaned. It is preferable to use high pressure to completely rid the surface of all dust which may affect the performance of the paint . For concrete, it will be necessary to fill the small holes in order to make the soil as uniform as possible. For parquet, a little sanding is required.

Except for the resin, the paint is applied by roller, ideally with a telescopic handle . However, take care to put masking strips on the bottom of the walls (for parts close to the wall, use a brush). Between coats, always make sure to respect the drying time:

  • at least 6 hours for an acrylic painting,
  • 24h for an oil painting.

Choice of exterior floor paint

The choice of exterior floor paint depends on several factors, including the nature and use of the floor. There are several kinds of paint for exterior floors: acrylic, alkyd, epoxy, or even resin.

Resin, ideal for any support

The resin is a very rigid material, in particular thanks to the hardener. The resin is easy to apply since it is enough to pour it on the surface of the ground, then to spread it with a spatula . The result is a completely smooth surface, without the slightest imperfection. The resin will standardize the floor, whatever the support: tiling , concrete or wood. You can provide a final coat of varnish to obtain a shiny effect.

The resin still has a downside. On concrete, it tends to crack. The interview will therefore be much more restrictive. (Ask for free quotes from professionals for painting your exterior floors)

Exterior acrylic floor paint, protective of your surface

Acrylic paint is made on a water basis. It is the cheapest of all . However, it requires the application of several coats. More particularly for an exterior floor, it is always necessary to cover the surface with a layer of protective varnish . The advantage over oil-based glycerol paint is the absence of odor.

To obtain the resistance of glycero and the advantages of acrylic, there is alkyd paint.

Polyurethane paints, queen of floor paint

This oil-based paint is undoubtedly the one that provides the best hold as a floor paint (a lifespan of up to 10 years). It is recommended for driveways and all exterior floors . It does not fear heat or humidity.

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