Your exterior is subjected to various attacks. However, it is important that it remains in good condition to contribute to the aesthetics of your facade. Painting wood is thus a solution to protect it. But which paint to choose for your exterior woodwork?

Why paint the exterior woodwork?

When wood is placed outdoors, it is subjected to rain, snow, temperature changes, UV rays, pollution and other aggressions. It can, therefore, deteriorate faster and lose its qualities . It is then necessary to paint the wood with an exterior paint to:

  • Protect it against external aggressions,
  • Protect it from fungi, insects and decay,
  • Make it more resistant and increase its lifespan,
  • Ensure its maintenance and ensure its good aging,
  • Make your exterior more pleasing to the eye.

How to choose paint for exterior wood?

Before choosing your exterior wood paint, you must diagnose the support to be painted. Thanks to the diagnosis, you will find a suitable paint, easier to apply and long-lasting. There are different criteria to consider before finding the ideal paint. Those are :

The type of support : is it a softwood or an exotic species?

  • The condition of the wood : wood that has already been painted generally only requires sanding before applying paint, while new wood requires an undercoat.
  • The type of paint : the product must be microporous in order to let the wood breathe and evacuate any moisture. It must also be slightly elastic in order to accompany the movements of the support.
  • The desired result : do you want to make only the wood opaque or simply color it?
  • The drying time : it is to be considered according to the climate of your region.

What are the types of exterior wood paints?

There are different types of paint you can apply to your exterior wood substrates. You can therefore opt for painting:

  • Acrylic : this microporous paint is designed on a water basis. It has low odor, contains fewer volatile organic compounds and is not harmful to your health. It can be applied on all types of gasoline.
  • Glycero : this product is designed on an oil basis. Resistant to humidity, this type of paint adheres well to the surface of the support. However, it has a very strong odor and contains a large amount of VOCs. It also takes longer to dry.
  • Alkyd : if you want to benefit from the advantages of acrylic paint and those of glycero paint, turn to this type of product. It is easy to maintain, gives a good yield, is more respectful of the environment and your health.
  • Stain : it maintains the wood and helps it keep its original appearance. It also prevents the attack of insects and mold. The stain can be colorless or tinted.
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